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Jonathan Beatty, M.D.

Psychiatrist & Addiction Treatment Specialist located in Philadelphia, PA, Chestnut Hill and Washington Square West

SandpiperMD, Inc. is located in Washington Square West, Philadelphia and Chestnut Hill, where Dr. Jonathan A. Beatty developed his treatment protocols tailored specifically for addiction treatment. This includes a full medical history, focused physical examination and neurological examination in addition to vital signs and urine or saliva toxicology. This is complemented by a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation including screening for co-occuring mood disorders and anxiety. In some cases, there are genetic variabilities in the ability to metabolize medications and pharmacogenetic testing is also available.

Addiction Medicine Q & A

What is Dr. Beatty's take on Addiction Medicine? 

Dr. Jonathan A. Beatty has helped many patients overcome their struggles with addiction. Dr. Beatty is somewhat old-fashioned in that he believes in psychotherapy as a critical modality of treatment.  This means that most sessions are at least 30-45 minutes if not an hour. The time is spent discussing the various factors that drive addiction including motivation and behavior.  Dr. Beatty implements a variety of techniques from his training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 

What Medications Are Used in Addiction Treatment?

Because medications may be used to treat either chemical dependency, withdrawal symptoms, or both, there are a number of different ones that a physician may prescribe for a patient going through addiction recovery counseling.

Two that are often used to overcome some of the strongest addictions, such as alcohol dependence and narcotic addiction, are Vivitrol and Naltrexone. These medications block opioids and alcohol from being absorbed by the body and are available as monthly injection (Vivitrol) or daily tablet (Naltrexone). 

What Should Patients with Addictions Look for in an Addiction Medicine Specialist?

Because medication can play such a significant role in the recovery process, it’s important to see someone who is able to write prescriptions, particularly prescriptions for alcohol and narcotics blockers like Vivitrol and Naltrexone. Therefore, patients looking for an addiction recovery counselor should seek out a medical doctor. The most qualified doctor will specialize in addiction recovery and be certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, if not other boards as well.

Additionally, patients may want to find a doctor who has a practice near where they live or work. Addiction recovery can be a long process, and it can require multiple visits. Seeing a doctor who is conveniently located makes getting to and from appointments easy.

What is an Addiction Recovery Appointment Like?

An addiction recovery appointment is a lot like any other doctor’s appointment. After preliminaries, like a patient's medical and family histories, have been recorded, the doctor will talk with the patient and may perform an exam. They’ll then recommend a course of treatment and write any necessary prescriptions. The entire appointment is kept in strict confidence, just as every medical appointment is.

How Qualified is Dr. Beatty in Addiction Psychiatry?

Dr. Beatty received additional training in addiction psychiatry and has expertise in the nuances of the latest medication options to treat addiction. He has developed protocols to aid in achieving abstinence or in some cases moderation. One of the most valuable medication options for treatment of addiction is the medications called Vivitrol and Naltrexone, which are available as a monthly injection or daily tablet. However, there are some challenges in setting up a Vivitrol program as it is only available at specialty pharmacies and needs to be sent directly to the office. Therefore it can be difficult to find an experienced provider who understands the medication and how to make it available to patients. The Washington Square West office in Philadelphia is equipped with a medical exam room that is ideal for providing these injections. For more information, see the Medication Assisted Treatment section.